Russian Cuisine Ambassador
An international competition which will bring out the real opinion leaders who are ready to promote the values of Russian cuisine in their country
Participating countries:
Armenia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Israel, Cyprus, Serbia, Finland, France

Authors of culinary books
Chefs of Russian cuisine restaurants
The enthusiasts who love cooking
Everyone who loves Russia and is ready to find the true "Russian taste»
Mechanics of the contest
Applying on the website
Selection of candidates
Awarding the winners
Vladimir Mukhin
White Rabbit (Moscow)
Ivan & Sergey Berezutskiy
Twins (Moscow)
Seven (Moscow)
Chestnaya Kuhnya (Moscow)
Adrian Quetglas* (Moscow)
Sixty (Moscow)
Buono (Moscow)
Editor-in-chief of the «Gastronome» magazine
Nominations and rules
• Record a video message in your native language (using the non-professional video equipment is possible)
• Upload a video of cooking Russian cuisine dish in your own personal style
• Fill in the online application form
Best Young Russian Cuisine Ambassador
Age of 25-35
Russian Taste
No age restrictions
Prize for Russian Cuisine Ambassador
A trip to Moscow
Trend-tour to the best restaurants
Dinners with the best Moscow chefs
Winners in the nomination "Russian Taste" will get valuable prizes from partners and organizers.
Awarding Ceremony
Press-conference and the gala-dinner will be the part of this awarding ceremony.

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